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Cancun, MX Indian Wedding by Pixan Photography


Battle Road Hastings, UK Indian Wedding by Surindera Studios


The best day of your life — your wedding day — will play out in a delirious blur of happy tears and Champagne toasts, congratulatory embraces and heels-off dancing. Love-drunk, you’ll be too busy reveling in the moment to stop and appreciate the tiny details of this day you worked so hard, for so long, to create. That’s where André Maier Photography comes in… With you every step of the way — from morning makeup application until the final send off — our aim is to capture the magic of your wedding, exactly as it happened. Beautifully crafted portraits that don’t have to take long to make and journalistic coverage of every moment, emotion and memory. Our role as photojournalists is to document the complete story with stealth, spontaneity and creativity, for a candid photo collection that preserves the elation and emotion of your big day.






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Andre Maier Photography

Tarrytown, NY Indian Wedding by Andre Maier Photography

Classic memories are ones that you want to view over and over again and never go tirelessly. Such is the enchanting love journey of Nermarie and Akash who sealed their love at Tappan Hill Mansion. The bride swooned her crowd in a soft mesh and chic white wedding gown with all the classic trimmings. X-quisite Flowers & Events bathed the venue in...


Tarrytown, NY Indian Wedding by Andre Maier Photography

There is much love pouring out of the Tappan Hill Mansion with Nermarie and Akash's outdoor Indian wedding that is full of all the right moments. The details are absolutely breathtaking! Nermarie and Akash's floral and fauna wedding was full of iconic Maharani moments: Timeless elegance, astonishing décor, and one dazzling Indian bride! True...


Tarrytown, NY Indian Wedding by Andre Maier Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words Nermarie and Akash's Indian wedding captured by Andre Maier Photography will render you speechless! I am a firm believer that just like your beloved romance, your wedding day style should be just as epic! Of course, an Indian bride pampered by Archi's Beauty Salon - Archita Upadhyaya could only be fabulous, an...


New York, NY Indian Fusion Wedding by André Maier Photography

Today's luxurious Indian fusion wedding is double the fun, double the festivities, and double the fashion! Maharani Meera, takes her first walk down the aisle in a radiant Manish Malhotra sari, and she looks so elegant that she might as well be on the runway! For her second look, she slips into a gown from Kleinfeld's that is equally extraordi...



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